Facts Behind the Strike 3 Holdings Case

Strikes 3 Holding is a limited company that distributes adult firms through tushy and vixen and DVD sales. Their complaints outlined by Strike 3 Holdings that the illegal download of the adult movie had caused massive loss of revenue and that John Doe's IP address was easily tracked using geolocation technology. The co-owner stated that the only way to prevent the prone copyright infringement was to file cases on BitTorrent network to avoid any piracy of their movies in the future. Expand the information about  Strike 3 Holdings LLC .

Defendants, in this case, are unspecified on the public platform until the internet provides their names to the movie company, the name John Doe comes as a way to identify the unlisted defendants, this kind of name given to unnamed defendants, in this case, is known as Doe Subpoena. The case was unpredictable how long the strike 3 holdings will go with this case but it depended on which federal court the case was filed in and the tendencies of the Strike 3 Holdings LLC's local counsel and whether he/she was able to name the defendants and serve each one of them.in this case there are layout strategies that may lead in strike 3 holdings settlement of their filed case. Once the defendants received a strike 3 holdings LLC they spoke with experienced subpoena defense lawyer, here they were not supposed to sign anything or delete anything because this could potentially make penalties worse.

The Strike 3 Holdings also gave the notice to inform the defendant that they had an ultimatum to which they would file an objection with the court in a motive to suppress the subpoena and if the defendants did not compile with demands there was a given duty signed by the federal judge to hand over the defendants information. Enhance the important knowledge that you can get about 
Strike 3 Holdings attorney .

Most importantly for a defendant who did not stream live the movie the best alternative way is to keep a line of communication between the Strike 3 Holdings attorney to convince him or her that the accused John Doe defendant is not the defendant the attorney is searching. The other way is the defendant to write a 'no settlement letter' on his/her behalf notifying the plaintiff attorney that no one watched the movie and no settlement will be paid.

A "no settlement Letter " is an easier way of informing the plaintiff attorney that no agreement will be made and this choice is either to name the defendants, this is the best way to cut any more communication will be made with the Strike 3 Holdings defense. This case was settled anonymously so the defendant is yet to be specified.